I’m not sure videotaping should have been the priority here.  The amazing thing about the emergency landing of a Cessna 175 in a field in Cache County, Utah, was not that all five aboard were not injured. The amazing thing was that passenger Jonathan Fielding videotaped the whole thing on his cell phone, reports KUTV-TV.

Build an airplane — and an air strip.  Friends Patrick Tippman and Patrick Borton are about half way to building a Zenith STOL CH 750 kit plane, reports the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.  But their work isn’t done when the aircraft is complete. They will then build a 1,700-foot grass runway at Tippman’s back yard to fly the airplane.

What did that crop duster ever do to you? Stephen Paul Riley, owner of the Flying Lead Ranch in Texas, has pleaded guilty to shooting at a cropduster that flew over his property back in 2008, reports Flying magazine.  He apparently was unhappy that Keeter Aerial Spraying was passing over his property and had warned he would shoot any aircraft flying over his ranch.

Not a good target.  A Coast Guard HC-130H Hercules practicing approaches into Hawaii’s Kahului Airport was forced to return to Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point after someone pointed a green laser into the cockpit, reports the Maui News. No one was injured in the incident, which is being investigated.

Some people just know how to fly. Old Dominion University football coach Bobby Wilder was able to do recruiting trips from Tampa, Fla., to Rochester, N.Y., because Stephen Ballard, owner of a Virginia Beach construction company, loaned his private aircraft for the effort, reports HamptonRoads.com.  The coach credits having use of a private airplane for his successful recruiting class.

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4 Responses to “Strange but true general aviation news”

  1. Frank Cordrey Says:

    “Not a good target. A Coast Guard HC-130H Hercules helicopter…..” An HC-130H Hercules
    You don’t review these things before publishing them? This is supposed to be an aviation publication.

  2. Aaron Says:

    “A Coast Guard HC-130H Hercules >>>>>HELICOPTER<<<<<"

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I would expect that kind of mistake from the regular media, but on the AOPA BLOG???

  3. Rich Edwards Says:

    Come on guys, don’t you know that’s the new 4 engine turbine helicopter? Well, actually the wing tilts up like a giant Osprey till the……..well, if that DOES happen in a C-130, “You’d Better” be near the ground, so I fully understand the need to return to base!

  4. epubs Says:

    Aaron-you’re right. And it’s been fixed. ^BW

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