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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing AOPA member Shannon Osborne, a member of the North Jersey chapter of The Ninety-Nines, who has come up with a unique idea to help keep your pilot skills sharp while bad weather limits winter flying.

Shannon has pledged to donate $5 to AOPA’s Air Safety Institute for every course the 16 members of her Ninety-Nines chapter take in the month of February.  In my story, Osborne emphasized that she is a firm believer in AOPA’s safety products.

“I survived an accident where unfortunately, the other pilot didn’t. The skills I learn in these courses can save lives,” she said. “Whenever I get into a situation, I hear the voice of my flight instructor, Tim O’Neil, saying ‘fly the plane.’ You hear these things as a student, and if you keep refreshing that, you can save your life and others.”

Although I’m not a member of her chapter, I was inspired, so I’m going to take up her challenge.  As a student pilot, there many ASI interactive courses, safety quizzes, webinars and safety seminars I can take.  The courses are free and you don’t have to be an AOPA member to take them.  My flight instructor recommended I take “Say It Right,” “Runway Safety,” “Airspace for Everyone,” and “Do the Right Thing: Decision Making for Pilots.”

Since it’s just me, I’ll double my pledge to $10 a course. But I’m encouraging my fellow student pilots to do the same, with an amount of your choosing.  Osborne said that nickels add up to dimes. “If we get a lot of people out there doing this challenge, the money will add up.”

I’ll let you know what courses I took and my total donation at the end of the month.

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  1. Brittney Says:

    Kudos Benet for taking on the challenge!!

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