That tingling sensation

April 4, 2008 by Paul Richfield, Senior Editor

Airline passengers are routinely poked, prodded, searched, interrogated, and X-rayed as a function of airport security—soon they’ll be zapped with high tech radars as well.

The Transportation Security Administration is set to deploy millimeter wave imaging radar at a number of “pilot sites” throughout the country, with the goal of detecting explosives concealed on individuals.

Initial deployment will involve the U.S. Coast Guard and a major city ferry terminal, which will use a passive millimeter-wave sensor mounted on a tripod.

“During the [pilot program], passengers will move through turnstiles at their normal pace while being screened,” the TSA said in a statement. “Passengers will not be asked to stand in place, nor will they even need to break stride.”

Millimeter-wave imaging radar has been tested in a number of military sensor applications, including enhanced vision systems for aircraft.

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