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Strange But True General Aviation News

January 4, 2013 by Benét Wilson

He’s exactly where he belongs.  Michael R. Fischer found himself sitting in a Palm Beach, Fla. jail after he was arrested for shining a laser in the cockpit of a county Sheriff’s Office helicopter and an AirTran Boeing 717, reports the Palm Beach Post.  After being caught by police, Fischer claimed he was only fooling around with the laser. Right…

Airplanes – the ultimate crime stopper.  David Zehntner saw an interesting sight as he was flying his own plane over LaBelle, N.C. — a thief was attempting to steal a trailer parked at his home, reports Zehntner followed the thief, who had attached the trailer to his truck, and called police from the air. The thief was caught and charged with grand theft.

Driving and sleeping don’t mix.  Three small aircraft in a Valdosta Regional Airport hangar were damaged after a sleepy driver drove through the facility’s fence, reports the Valdosta Daily Times.  The driver bumped his head and lost a tooth in the incident.

Flight training is a relative bargain in the United States.  The Niger government is facing some heat after disclosing that its the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology spent US$5.1 million to train 10 pilots, reports

What a waste.  Two Afghan women trained as helicopter pilots in the United States have been grounded since October, as that country’s military continues to “review” their applications to fly, reports the Los Angeles Times.  The hold on their flying is blamed on a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, which denies women the right to any education.

Was the photo really worth all that?  Photographers in Germany assigned to cover the final landing of a Transall C-160 twin turboprop nearly had it become their final assignment, reports AvWeb. The photographers, placed 100 feet short of the runway, were nearly hit by the aircraft’s wings as it bounced on a raised roadway.

That’s Hollywood for you! “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson appeared to have been in a real rush to leave the Caribbean island of St. Bart after reports say he tried to take a jet being used by fashion designer Ramy Brook Sharp, reports  The star was trying to leave the island before its sundown deadline on flights.

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5 Responses to “Strange But True General Aviation News”

  1. Tim Grayson - Charter Flight Group Says:

    “Was the photo really worth all that?” Wow! Photographing planes is getting to be like photographing celebs – taking your life in your hands!

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  5. Jay Green Says:

    “He’s exactly where he belongs” This apparently happens a lot where people from the ground shine laser pointers in cockpits of planes and helicopters. This could cause major distraction and could cause blindness.

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