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Strange But True General Aviation News

December 14, 2012 by Benét Wilson

So that’s why my car had an extra kick!  Officials in New Jersey have confirmed that vendor Pasmel Property delivered aviation fuel instead of gasoline to six gas stations in four counties, reports the Asbury Park Press.  The fuel, designated as super unleaded (93 octane), is 104.7 octane and will not damage cars engines, officials noted.

A piece of the past in present times.  The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation paid to have a World War II  FM-2 “Wildcat” Fighter aircraft brought up out of Lake Michigan, reports NBC Chicago.  The fighter, which crashed in 1944, was part of a fleet used to train fighter pilots.

New Zealand clips glider wings.  A new rule passed by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand is forcing the Tauranga Gliding Club to stop offering trial flights after 55 years of operating them, reports the Bay of Plenty Times.  Under the new rule, the club will only be able to offer flights to those with a “genuine interest” in pursuing gliding.

 They really taught the the kids a lesson.  Students at England’s Sunny Bank Primary school in the village of Bury discovered an amazing site — the remains of a UFO that appeared to have crashed on their playing field, reports the Bury Times.  Students saw burn marks, holes and a green slime in the area, which was taped off while government officials investigated. it turns out the whole thing was a hoax created to teach the children recall and observation skills.

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