I don’t know about you, but I’m in full shopping mode for the holidays. I’ve been buying for my family and others in my life. My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I had to stop short, because I honestly hadn’t thought about it.

But after doing some thinking, I remembered that I’m a student pilot and there are still many things I need to buy to keep up. So I decided to take a spin through the Aircraft Spruce and create my wish list in no particular order. Enjoy!

  1. Student pilot flight bag ($59.95 to $62.75) — right now, I’m carrying my stuff in an AOPA tote bag I got when I was hired.  I like this bag because it comes in red (my favorite color) and can hold all of my stuff, including my headphones, batteries, kneeboard and charts.
  2. Sureflight pro checklists for Cessna ($10.95 to $14.50) — I currently use a many-times-Xeroxed copy of the checklist I’m using for my training in the Cessna Skyhawk SP. It would be nice to have this tough, laminated checklist.
  3. Bose A20 headset with dual GA plugs and bluetooth ($1095.00) — when I started my lessons, I used an old pair of headsets from the AOPA Pilot prize box.  But I knew I wanted Bose after meeting a rep at Sun ‘N Fun and testing them out.  A former co-worker sold me his older Bose headsets, but I want to upgrade to this puppy.
  4. iPad undermount stowaway ($169.95) — I love my iPad 2 and am learning about all the great apps for pilots (check out my latest weekly app review column here). I want to take my iPad with me in the cockpit, but space is tight in the Skyhawk, so I’d love this tool that lets me have access when I need it.
  5. Red Canoe Cessna jacket ($87.50 to $89.99) — I saw someone wearing this jacket at Oshkosh, and I’ve wanted one ever since.
  6. Noral seat cushion with back ($69.75 to $89.95) — I’m short, and I appreciate that the Skyhawk I fly in has rudder pedal extenders.  Right now, I’m using an outdoor furniture cushion to make up for my short stature, and this seat would be ideal for me to have.
  7. Maglite XL50 LED flashlight, red ($27.85) — Every flight bag needs a good flashlight, and I’m a big fan of Maglite, which my sister the cop recommends highly.
  8. Leatherman Juice C2 tool, red ($45.95) — One morning, my flight instructor had some trouble getting the cap off the oil tank, so she whipped out a version of this tool to help. I’ve wanted one ever since.
  9. I’d rather be flying license plate frame ($9.95) — I just got my personalized, aviation-themed license plate, and this frame would help further explain my love of flying.
  10. Aircraft Spruce gift card ($100.00) — We’ll end with this, because with a $100 gift card, I could choose an assortment of items!  And AOPA members can get discounts on gift cards — $5.00 off a $25 card; $10 off a $50 card; and $20 off a $100 card.

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  1. Terry Says:

    Can’t get this from Aircraft Spruce (much to my chagrin): a positive and affirmative decision on the Drivers License medical! But once I know how that one plays out, I have a fistfull of cash waiting for Aircraft Spruce and my local FBO!

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