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Strange But True General Aviation News

November 16, 2012 by Benét Wilson

Talk about coming down from a high!  Pilot Russell Hansen and his passenger, Jacob M. Beaty-Martinez were arrested at Hensley Memorial Airport in Fulton, Mo., after police seized $450,000 in marijuana from a Cessna 172, reports the News-Tribune.  They were both charged with second-degree trafficking of a controlled substance.

Watch what you say! Morning sports radio host Dean Molberg was suspended for the rest of the Canadian Football League season after saying on air that he wished the Saskatchewan Roughriders plane would have an accident and several players would die, reports Huffington Post. It was particularly in bad taste because in 1956, four of the team’s  best players were killed, along with 58 others in one of the worst accidents in Western Canadian history.

It was the end of the road. Helicopter pilot Henry Rosenau finally had to face the music and receive a sentence of 10 years for using his rotor craft to smuggle dozens of loads of marijuana into the United States from Canada, reports the Province. Rosenau fought extradition from Canada for nearly six years, and his first trial in April ended in a hung jury.

Speaking of helicopters…Medi-flight helicopter pilot Owen Park was cited for harassing wildlife in Colorado after a group of hunters witnessed him flying low over a group of elk several times near Grand Junction, Colo., reports Field and Stream.  He was assessed 10 penalty points against his hunting and fishing privileges, and fined $200.

Foam party!! A hangar at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport had fire retardant foam deployed although there was no fire in the facility, reports KTNV-TV. A local news helicopter showed photos of a hangar with foam flowing out.

We’ll end the week with this video of a coast Guard helicopter rescuing two men whose boat had capsized in Lake Erie.

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