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Short-attention span fuel prices

July 16, 2008 by Thomas B. Haines, Editor in Chief

My short attention span proves my undoing when I have to leaf through a back issue of AOPA Pilot for some tidbit of information. I needed some info from the December 1990 issue and in looking for it I found myself perusing all of the pages, amused at how different things are from even 18 years ago. One particularly interesting nugget was what we used to call the “Fuel Watch” report. We reported that 100LL avgas hit $2 per gallon in August 1990. 80-octane was just $1.94–remember that? Adjusted for inflation, that gallon of 100LL ought to cost $3 now. Instead, the average price of avgas is $5.72, according to data from in AOPA’s Airport Directory Online. You can see regional averages online and do a radius search of any airport for nearby fuel prices–great for planning your fuel stops.

Good luck finding that gallon of 80-octane at any price.

Now, what was I looking for again?


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  1. joe griffin Says:

    6.47 a gallon with taxes, this is more detrimental to ga than the third class medical issue!

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