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Looking for a few good aircraft owners

October 25, 2012 by Dave Hirschman, Senior Editor

A British outfit is looking to profile a few good aircraft owners. See the note below.

Dave Hirschman
Senior Editor
AOPA Pilot magazine

Hello, I work for UK-based documentary production company NERD TV (http://www.nerdsite.co.uk).

We’re making a TV series for a US network about people with interesting collections of aircraft. The important thing is the collections cannot be entirely comprised of gleaming, pristine museum pieces.

An ideal candidate would be someone with a couple of airworthy planes and a few other projects that are in various stages of completion (the messier the better). They could be unfinished projects, once-loved specimens that have fallen into disrepair, or just rusty shells in a barn. The more the better.

We would also need the subjects to have other (non-aviation) items in their vehicular collections; a classic car gathering dust, a pile of disassembled motorbikes, a boat sitting on a trailer, or maybe even an old bus in a field.

At this point, we’re just trying to speak to people – nothing will be broadcast. The idea of the show is for our restoration team to help bring fading collections back to their glistening best. This could be a chance for people to finally complete projects that have been on-the-go for years, and may even add significant value.

If you, or someone you know, might fit the bill (or are just curious about the idea), please email me at [email protected] or call 0207 043 0080.

Many thanks,

Oliver Good
NERD | www.nerdtv.co.uk
T: + 44 (0)207 043 0080
M: + 44 (0)7877 287 919

5 Responses to “Looking for a few good aircraft owners”

  1. Denny A. McDonald Says:

    Mr. Good,

    I have a 1954 Cessna 170B, low time (aprox. 1100 Hrs.), Great plane, but it’s been sitting for years, I keep hanging on to the dream of one day getting it back in the air. Also, I purchased my Dad’s 50’s model Farmall Cub – it awaits restoration and is stored in my barn. My 1978 Ford 4600 SU tractor is in my basement in the begings of a restoration process. My son has a 1950 model 5 glass Chevrolet pickup truck which has been completed but requires some maint.
    Let me know of your interest and intent. Yes – I’m curious about the idea.


    Denny A. McDonald
    615-804-8785 Cell US

  2. Pat Callison Says:

    Rumor is there are about 20 aircraft on our private field. I’ve seen Stinson, Luscomb, Piper and Cessna in various conditions, that leaves at least 14 unknowns. Our field mascot is a Navion that is purported to have never moved in 20 years(?). It sits in tall grass, all forlorn about 80′ from the strip.

  3. Brian Coughlin Says:

    Oliver, A friend forwarded your site to me. I have several antique aircraft, some airworthy many in pieces. I once worked for Cole Palen and lived on his garage floor in Florida. Cole started the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome here in new York. I have a Fokker triplane replica, Piper cub, 1931 Curtiss Jr, 1929 Fleet biplane, 1929 KR-34 biplane last flown in 1949, an Italian ww1 fighter replica begun by Cole Palen himself that needs 2 or 3 years work to fly, a Sopwith Pup replica about 60% done but with a long history, a fokker D-8 about 85% done with an original WW1 rotary engine. I also have 2 pre ww2 motorcycles, 2 model T’s, a 1932 dump truck that hasn’t run in 40 years and many old tractors laying around. I live in a rural setting and have a small airstrip behiind my house. Good luck with your project and contact me if you are interested. Brian

  4. Brian Coughlin Says:

    Oh yes, I just re read your intro piece. I do have a 1932 Ford school bus as well. Also a 1918 Buffalo steam roller in my front yard…last run in the 1980’s along with a Farmall H from an old neighbor. My cell here in the US is 315-436-2217, Thanks Brian

  5. Doug Thorngren Says:

    We are the perfect group you are looking for, we have started recently a new flying museum and have approx 36 aircraft in different stages. Among our flyiers are an AH-1 Bell Cobra helicopter and a OV-10 Bronco both in great condition. then we just got another project in, a WWII TBM Avenger about 70% restored. Also we have 3 O2A skymasters we are restoring that were in Vietnam. We have 3 T-33, 2 F86, T28, T34, T41 and many others in various stages of restoration. Besides all the various aircraft we have a large number of military vehicles, APC, fast attack vehicle, jeeps, hummers, mules, just to name a few. We are definatly a group to take a close look at.
    you can contact me Doug Thorngren c. 775.691.1265 Director of Public Relations/Pilot email: [email protected]

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