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Strange But True General Aviation News

October 5, 2012 by Benét Wilson


I guess the retinal display was too much to resist! After his plane went down in the Gulf of Mexico, Ted Wright decided to use his iPad to record events until he and his passenger, Raymond Fosdick, were rescued, reports the Wall Street Journal. The pair were eventually rescued by the Coast Guard.

I only see the confusion when I squint really hard. It was the plane crash that wasn’t in Marshall County, Kentucky.  A driver reported seeing an explosion that he reported to the sheriff as a plane crash, reports the Republic, but it turned out to be fireworks and a gas can explosion.

Car takes its final flight.  A Croman Corp. Sikorsky heavy-lift helicopter was used to remove a  2010 Subaru Outback from Oregon’s Rogue River, reports the Mail-Tribune. The car was driven into the river 18 months ago by a woman who ended up being convicted of second-degree disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The car now goes to her insurance company.

We have a “not guilty” verdict. David Hunter, chairman of Tennessee’s Sumner Regional Airport Authority, was found not guilty of misdemeanor assault stemming from an incident with an aircraft owner, reports the Tennessean. Hunter allegedly got into an altercation with Christopher Nickens over the latter using unapproved fuel.

I would SO put this in my dining room!  Our friends at General Aviation News told us about plans by El Segundo, Calif.-based MotoArt to start selling a Stearman wing conference table. The table is custom built, and can be up to 24 feet in length.

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