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Strange But True General Aviation News

September 28, 2012 by Benét Wilson

Next time, just go to the gas station.  Thieves broke into Springville Airport and siphoned off gas from at least four aircraft, reports the Independent. One of the planes caught fire and was destroyed.

Let’s go flying with Mitt Romney! The Republican presidential candidate is using his campaign plane as a fundraising tool.  For a $15 minimum donation, two of his supporters can win the chance to fly with him for one day, reports ABC News.  He also hopes that they can come up with a better name for the aircraft besides “Hair Force One.”

I guess she was in a rush.  A mentally disturbed woman drove her car through the gate at Hawaii’s Kalaeloa Airport and onto the runway, reports WAFB-TV.  Christine Keliikuli, who was determined to be mentally disturbed, asked security if she could go out and see the planes.  When she was denied, she drove her car through the fence. She was arrested and charged with trespassing, criminal property damage and driving without a license.

Highway or runway?  A confused pilot accidentally landed on State Route 64 instead of Grand Canyon National Park Airport, reports Flying magazine.

I hope they got good deals. Nigeria’s billionaire class has spent around $225 million on private jets in the past two years, reports the Daily Independent. Planes bought in the past two years include a Challenger 600 and a Global Express.

We’ll end the week with this heartwarming story of Cora Rand. Cora is a 16-year-old student pilot who decided to build flight hours by flying from Florida to Aurora, Colo., with her flight instructors to help raise money for the Colorado Organization for Victims Assistance specifically to help victims and families of the Aurora movie theater shootings, reports the Salina Journal.

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2 Responses to “Strange But True General Aviation News”

  1. Alan D. Resnicke Says:

    Try flying to Santa Rosa NM (SXU) where the east-west runway literally is the old Route 66! Nothing like landing on history… although my ’73 Grumman AA5 isn’t quite the same as a restored Chevy Bel Air or similar cruiser.

  2. BennyTheBrewer Says:

    I’ve landed at Santa Rosa a couple of times. I got my pilots license in Clovis NM. If you make a stop in Santa Rosa you have to get a bowl of green chili stew and the silver moon cafe in Santa Rosa on the other side of I-40. It’s a little bit of a walk from the airport but well worth it..

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