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9/11 – How Did You Mark The Day?

September 12, 2012 by Benét Wilson

I was working for an airline (and about to board a flight) when the tragedy of 9/11 happened.  I saw numerous stories of remembrance and how people were acknowledging the 11th anniversary of the event, so I posted the question on the AOPA Facebook page.

We received 34 comments. I’m a student pilot, and I felt the best way to mark the day was to fly with my flight instructor, Alyssa Miller.  Most of the commenters said they were going to fly.  Below are some of the more interesting posts.

Wayne Vaughn I am doing my first cross country solo. I will enjoy my freedom to fly in the nation that is still the most free in the world to show that the terrorists did not succeed.

Denton Finley Celebrating my freedom to fly.

Zak Margolis Flying. I try to make sure I have a log book entry every 9/11.

Joseph Turnbach I have to work today, building Dreamliners for the commercial airlines. I may fly this weekend though and enjoy some South Carolina fall weather.

Douglas Swain Farnam Giving flight lessons. And enjoying the freedom of flight!


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  1. Hannah Edwards Says:

    I also took the opportunity to get out and fly yesterday to remember the events of that day. I spent an hour or so in the air and thought about it the whole time. Thank you to those men and women who gave their lives!

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