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Judge overrules union objections to Hawker talks with China

July 16, 2012 by Alton K. Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

Update: A federal judge has approved Hawker Beechcraft’s request to negotiate exclusively for 45 days with a Chinese company for purchase of all but the military portion of the Wichita firm.

Hawker Beechcraft’s union has objected to Hawker Beechcraft conducting 45 days of exclusive negotiations with Superior Aviation of China. An attorney for the AFL-CIO says there are several troubling points. To see the court filing for yourself, go to this page and look at document 356. A hearing on the request for exclusive negotiations with Superior Aviation takes place at 2 p.m today. The attorney said little is known about the Chinese company, and asserted in a court document that even though Superior Aviation is 60 percent privately owned, the $1.79 billion asking price will be totally financed by the Chinese government. The municipality of Beijing owns 40 percent of the company. Also, the attorney alleged there is a defense risk to the United States if the deal goes through. While early announcements claimed the defense portion of Hawker Beechcraft is not involved, Superior Aviation is entitled to a $400 million refund if Hawker later decides to sell its defense business. Why would Superior Aviation get a refund, the union attorney asks, if it never bought the defense business in the first place? The motion to deny exclusive bargaining with the Chinese company, which owns Superior Air Parts in Texas and a helicopter company that is not currently producing helicopters, also expresses concerns that jobs will not be kept in Wichita.

7 Responses to “Judge overrules union objections to Hawker talks with China”

  1. Steve Says:

    enough is enough

  2. Steve Says:

    why would the jobs stay in wichta would be the question get china out of this country before its too late buy usa and get the traitors out of office controlling your money the wall st congress the military enough is enough

  3. John Majoros Says:

    It’s all about competing and producing. If the US worker competed better against foreign workers we wouldn’t be in this mess in any occupation.

  4. H. Edwards Says:

    It sounds a little fishy. China doesn’t do things for no reason. I wouldn’t trust any type of deal that is being paid for by Chinese Government. We’re not talking private buyers but supposedly the government.

  5. Bill Says:

    Obviously Beech is competing with Cirrus, which is Chinese owned. Cessna has the C162 totally build in China, plus just inked a deal to build jets in China. Hawker Beech is odd man out. If they do not find a buyer who can leverage lower prices, they will disappear.

    World wide most materials (read aluminium and electronic components) are about the same price. This leaves only taxes and labor where savings can be realized. Simple math!!!

    If this bothersome, stop shopping at Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot and all those other big box stores.

  6. R. Merrell Says:

    How much more can we give the Chinese before they own this Country???? We owe them Billions, they already own alot of property here, they made the Olympic Uniforms and now we give them more jobs from the Aviation Industry. What’s next Judge?????

  7. chris goodwin Says:

    “We” do not “give” the Chinese (implied “our”) jobs: they buy them. They pay with the dollars they have accumulated from years of supplying the U.S. consumer (= “us”) with loads of stuff, much more than we provided to them. This is called payback time.

    If you loot the world, “buying up” stuff overseas with fiat dollars, linked to gold, and then turn round and say, “Oh, but now we are not going to pay the gold we originally promissed”; and, “it’s our dollar, but it’s your problem” – then do not be surprised if the overseas customers you have cheated regard you with the contempt proper to a thief and a fraudster.

    If you sup with the devil, use a long spoon: the Chinese know this

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