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Ja, die Junkers kommt!

June 21, 2012 by Alton K. Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

There’s a 1939 Junkers JU 52 putt-putting above the Atlantic Ocean right now, on its way for a U.S.-Canada tour and a stay in the main square at EAA AirVenture July 23 to 29. You can track its crossing here .   (It’s in Greenland as I write this.)   Soon you shall know the name Rimowa. That’s the name of a suitcase company in Germany that is sponsoring the tour. The aircraft gives rides in Switzerland for a tourist company called JU-Air, but now it is making the first Atlantic crossing of this model since 1937. The CEO of Rimowa is aboard and since he is a pilot, he is undoubtedly taking a turn at the controls of this 95-knot airplane. Way back when, the Rimowa suitcase was designed to mimic the corrugated aluminum of the Junkers because it was the most modern, toughest construction of its time. Can TSA  X-ray an aluminum suitcase, or do they need a hand inspection?  Anybody know? The suitcases are in the luxury category and cost from $450 to $1,500, depending on size.

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3 Responses to “Ja, die Junkers kommt!”

  1. Tony Says:

    I see no reason to promote, advertise or celebrate the arrival of a nazi era airplane in the United States. Far better that this and all other remnants of the monstrosities of that monster should have been destroyed 67 years ago!

  2. Manny Says:

    I sympathize completely with Tony in his feelings about anything related to the Nazi era. They were the baddest of the bad guys in history. Yet I know that Messershmitts and Stukas abound in Museums in Europe as examples of wartime aircraft. I think of Henman England as one example of that. Henman Field was an active airfield during WW2.
    So why then should we expempt the Junker. We fly B17’s, B25s and B-29 Superfortresses around the country and glorify them despite the millions of lbs of bombs both incendiary and other types that they dropped and killed indiscriminately civilian and military alike. Dropping incendiaries on Japan was most cruel given their little wooden shacks. They had no protection. General Curtis LeMay stands in history as the proponent of such bombing. He is not a hero in my book. Women and children mostly were incinerated by such a tactic as the men were all in the military for the most part and not preesent in the home cities at the time the bombing took place. I shudder at the thought. So we have our things to be ashamed of alslo but we are aren’t. We still congratulate ourselves for this type of warfare. How about that Tony!

  3. Howard Curtis Says:

    Tony and Manny have valid concerns but let us appreciate the technology of the JU-52 and the horrors of those who used them and gas chambers to kill so many. As for General Curtis LeMay and other heroes you must realize there are still many who dream of incinerating you and me in our wooden dwellings. The heroes are the ones who have kept it from happening then and now.
    So let’s learn from the engineers and enjoy the beauty all aviation has given us, some good some bad but flying any aircraft is a joy to behold.

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