Julie Walker

Weather report

June 7, 2008 by Julie Summers Walker, Managing Editor

When staff takes a break to rest or eat midway through a Fly-In day, the talk inevitably turns to the weather–this year’s, last year’s, and the “I-remember-when” years. Today will go down in our history as one of the hottest. It’s got to be reaching well into the 90s, if not 100 degrees out there–yes, I’m inside working on the blog. Good duty this.

But I did man the Sweepstakes Archer in the morning and it was sweltering then. I’m hoping my 84-year-old dad went home, although he loves looking at the aircraft and hoping to run into old WWII vets like him. There are less and less at the airshows these days.

But about that weather–Rod Machado just stopped by. “It’s like a terrarium out there,” he said. “Last time I was sweating like this, it was my first solo.” Aviation’s funny man is always on. We looked out my office window to observe Phil Boyer walking by. “Now why does Phil never break a sweat?” wondered Machado.

Heat, sun, rain, or any combination doesn’t seem to deter Fly-In visitors. So regardless of the temperatures, we’re having another banner day here. Wish you were here.


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