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Could you put it down for $10,000?

March 27, 2012 by Jill W. Tallman, Associate Editor

I’ve heard of spot landing contests before, but this one must surely take the proverbial cake.

Grand Forks International Airport will host a spot landing contest on Saturday, July 28. Each entrant gets just one shot. The one who puts it down closest to the target line takes home bragging rights–and $10,000. 

“No catch and no obligation,” says the website. You must be at least a sport pilot or higher to enter (too bad, Jacob Barson of Allentown, Pa., else my money would be on you), and the competition won’t be held if visibility is less than two miles and the ceiling is lower than 1,800 feet.

Brian Siefert, president of GFK Flight Support, says the event is being held to promote general aviation and encourage people “to visit our great airport.”

So how about it, hotshot? Are you in? Even in today’s economy, $10,000 buys a heckuva lot of avgas. See the website for more information.

Thanks and a tip of the aviator’s cap to Judy Birchler at LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com, who came across this contest first.

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3 Responses to “Could you put it down for $10,000?”

  1. Speed Says:

    Grand Forks International Airport is holding a similar contest on the same day.

  2. Jill Tallman Says:

    Fixing it now, Speed. Thanks!

  3. David Kenny Says:

    One shot at the prize is a less attractive proposition if you don’t happen to be within easy flying distance of North Dakota to begin with.

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