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Tents are up for AOPA Fly-In

June 3, 2008 by Alton K. Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

Giant white tents, one of them as long as our AOPA parking lot, for this Saturday’s AOPA Fly-In. Many of the exhibitors will be here Friday or Friday evening, and by then the temporary tower should be in place. The exhibitors’ tent is still empty and blowing in the stiff breezes today, but will soon fill with gadgets, trinkets, and services you can purchase right outside the AOPA headquarters building. See you here!


3 Responses to “Tents are up for AOPA Fly-In”

  1. Mother Nature Says:

    Not anymore!

  2. Father Time Says:

    The three little pigs were out in force today. They’ve built a bigger, badder tent. In fact, I think they were using mortar.

  3. Al Marsh Says:

    A couple of clever comments posted by AOPA staff members above deserve some explanation. When I originallywrote this posting, indicating the 100-foot-long tent was up, it was. But along came a storm, and the tent levitated 30 feet above its sturdy tiedowns and flew to the adjacent parking lot, landing on AOPA staff member cars. Five were seriously damaged (windshields smashed) and others were dented. When you arrive for the AOPA Fly-In you will notice a much beefier replacement tent in its place. It’s just proof that being anywhere near AOPA, even if it is the back parking lot, can make you want to fly.

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