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Cubs gathering in Tennessee

October 3, 2011 by Alton K. Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

Photo courtesy Steve Hubbard (Click to enlarge)

Cubs will once again gather among the fall foliage in the foothills of the Cherokee National Forest Oct. 7 through 9.  The East Tennessee Fall Super Cub Fly-in at Elizabethton Municipal (pronounced e liz uh BETH un by the locals) 0A9 attracted 50 airplanes last year, most of them Cubs. Pilots camp on the airport, swap stories that don’t necessarily have to be true, and have mass fly-outs for meals to nearby airports. If you don’t have a story, make one up. If you haven’t been to this mountainous airport near Johnson City, Tennessee, there are steep hills right next to the airport. If the leaves turn quickly, it should be a spectacular backdrop. Call the airport for details at 423/543-2801. I discovered the airport while doing a story in Johnson City on rubber band airplanes.

5 Responses to “Cubs gathering in Tennessee”

  1. Pete Chestnut Says:

    Thanks for the great article on the Cub Flyin. I’d like to know in advance of next years event so I cn make it down there. My airfield is 60G which is about 10½ miles south of Lansing Michigan.

    Thanks again,
    Pete Cestnut

  2. Richard Warner Says:

    Like Pete, I would also like to know at least a couple of weeks in advance of this fly-in next year. Thank you.
    Richard Warner

  3. Al Marsh Says:

    This was posted four days before it was picked up by “ePilot” today, but I realize you need more time than that. Keep up on the posts as they occur by watching this blog. This isn’t really a place for calendar events. The calendar events page is here
    ( ). Or just type “calendar” into the search box on the AOPA home page. You’ll notice there is nothing on our Calendar page about Elizabethton. Postings in the calendar are from the event organizers, and if they don’t tell us, we won’t have it. In this case no notice of the event was received.

  4. Chas Says:

    I went to last year’s fly-in, and the locals pronounce it “e-liz-uh-BETH-ton.”

  5. Al Marsh Says:

    Chas, I like your interpretation better so I capitalized “BETH” but as for the “ton,” I am sure they turn that into an “un.” Hopefully a local resident will see this and help us out.

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