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Cessna denies single-engine turboprop

September 26, 2011 by Alton K. Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

A year ago then-Cessna CEO Jack Pelton indicated the company was developing a single-engine turboprop–a link for pilots between the pistion world and jets. That was then, this is now. During a press briefing September 26, Cessna’s new chief, Scott Ernest, said he hasn’t seen it and doesn’t know of any such “program.” A spokesman intervened to say it was a technology platform, the same line given prior to Pelton’s confirmation last year of a turboprop program, but admitted it is still flying. When I then asked to see it, the spokesman said,” We don’t have time,” and Ernest added, “You can’t see it until I see it.” Watch Tom Horne’s exclusive report from the National Business Aviation Association last year, and see whether you think it was a program or not. Looks like a back burner for the non-program aircraft still flying at Cessna.

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  1. Rob Chipman Says:

    That’s too bad. It would be great to see a better/cheaper turboprop option. I see them on bigger planes all the time.

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