Jill Tallman

When you’d rather be flying

May 16, 2008 by Jill W. Tallman, Associate Editor

We’re lucky here at AOPA headquarters, because we have several vantage points that look out on the runways at Frederick Municipal Airport (KFDK).

If we’re deskbound, we can still take a break and look out the windows. KFDK is a busy nontowered airport with a great mix of airplanes both classic and new; large and small; helicopters and gyrocopters; and airships–the Goodyear and Outback¬†blimps in particular. (One of Goodyear’s aerial ambassadors was making leisurely circuits around the airport as I was writing this.) So there’s always something to see.

For those without an airport view, the Internet has you covered. Take your own¬† break and Google up an airport Web cam. Here’s one of my favorites: the lush green grass of Campbell Field Airport (9VG) in Weirwood, Virginia.


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