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Look who’s in AOPA Pilot this month!

May 21, 2008 by Julie Summers Walker, Managing Editor

I don’t think of myself as a celebrity hound. However I’ve gotta admit that I gushed like a teenager when I interviewed Kurt Russell last year about his mentoring of other pilots (Me: “Mr. Russell I just love your movies and have been in love with you since I was a teenager.” Him: “Well, that’s very sweet Julie (call the stalker police).”

So when the call came through to this office that Harrison Ford wanted to speak with me, well, if I’d been here, I would have needed the gush-odometer. However that ever-lucky editor of mine–Tom Haines–got to take the call. He and Harry talked flying and then set up THE interview. But no, not with me. Barry Schiff–who has already flown more aircraft than most people will ever ever get the opportunity to and who hobnobs with all those Hollywood types out there in California, well, he got the interview.

OK, it’s good stuff. Lots of pilot-to-pilot talk. But, man, why don’t I get those kind of interviews? I won’t stalk them, I really won’t. I’ll give Kurt Russell’s phone number back someday, I’ll stop obsessively looking at the photo shoot for the Ford story…really, I will, Tom, really. Look for “Ford on Flying” in the June issue of AOPA Pilot. It’ll be in your mailbox around May 22.

Oh, and there are other great stories in the issue too–the Ryan PT-22 (that darn Barry Schiff got that one too); the King Air C90GTi; “the Candy Bomber;” a trip to Anuktuvuk Pass in Alaska where they fly even when it’s 60 degrees below zero…Mr. Ford, Mr. Ford, it’s me, Julie…


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