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Would you see a film about the Barefoot Bandit?

August 24, 2011 by Jill W. Tallman, Associate Editor

In the “News That Makes My Blood Pressure Shoot Up A Few Points” category, the Huffington Post is reporting that Colton Harris-Moore, the Barefoot Bandit, has signed a deal with 20th Century Fox to do a film about his life story. The deal could be worth as much as $1.3 million. He wouldn’t get a dime of it, of course; plea bargains he made in June to the various felony charges (including stealing airplanes) prevent that. (By the way, check out Mike Collins’ account of the Barefoot Bandit saga here.) Harris-Moore is set to be sentenced in October.

He might not get a dime, but he’ll continue to get notoriety. Even if I vote with my wallet, I suppose his 80 zillion Facebook friends will make up the difference at the box office.

What about you? Would you see a film about the Barefoot Bandit?


33 Responses to “Would you see a film about the Barefoot Bandit?”

  1. Brian Says:

    NO WAY.
    He should rot in Prison. A nobody.

  2. larry snyder Says:

    No thanks. There is enough crap put out by HW and the network TV stations, Keep your money and watch National Geographic and the Military channel and NASA.

    Brat shoud die in prison.

  3. Steve Dunn Says:

    You mean they are going to pay the little …. for being a theif???!!!

  4. Steve Dunn Says:

    You mean they are going to pay the litlle … for being a thief???!!!

  5. Jerry Stuckle Says:

    Not a chance. The film will glorify his criminal acts and could encourage others to try similar things.

  6. Gale Cawley Says:

    The above comments cover my ideas. I would just add “hell no.”

  7. Sandy Says:

    Absolutely not! This is yet another disgrace to the already sick ways our society has turned. He should be spending years in jail with no contact to the outside world. It’s time we start sending a strong message instead of patting the perps on the shoulder!

  8. Les Taylor Says:

    I would decline the pleasure.

    This is an opportunity for our “culture” to broadcast a message….sadly I fear the message will not be good.

  9. Richard Oppelt Says:

    Absolutely not, he is nothing but a thief. How about all the misery he created for the airplane owners. If he does receive any money it should go to them.

  10. Paul Henderson Says:

    Why not? Because he stole a couple of airplanes and I own an airplane? I see movies about bank robbers and I keep money in banks. If the story is entertaining people will want to see it. If not, it will flop as hard as The Barefoot Bandit did.

  11. David Jack Kenny Says:

    Absolutely not.

  12. Mark Says:

    Hmmmm, I wonder if this has been done before, a movie from a well known criminal act. Welcome to the new age of morality. Just be grateful this isn’t about Jeffery Dahmer.

  13. Liane Terrill Says:

    Absolutely not. I like bank-heist flicks too. But most banks are not in general danger of being torn down every day. Meanwhile, aviation UN-enthusiasts work tirelessly to shut down our nation’s airports. Non-pilot thugs (and, unfortunately, idiot pilots) only fan the flames with their escapades. That’s why AOPA’s airport volunteer program works to assist communities with maintaining and promoting their local airfields as the jewels that they are. Doubtless this movie will not show aviation in a good light.

  14. G.Lembas Says:

    What a stupid question. No, NO,and no, why would we give money to the fools at a movie studio. Must be boring to work there. If it turns out like the Shootout reenactment, of the N. Hollywood, B of A holdup, just played on TV last night, they will probably try to make a hero out of the barefoot pinhead. What is this country doing?

  15. Bill H. Says:

    Yes, I am looking forward to it. Do you really think it will lead to “copycats” and we’ll have kids stealing planes left and right? No way! Clearly the kid had a lot of skill to be able to do what he did without the “official” kind of flight training that I received.

    Has anyone ever watched “Butch Cassidy”? Did kids from the USA fly down to Bolivia and start robbing banks when that came out? I didn’t. In fact just about every action movie features some kind of illegal crimimal activity.

    I got into aviation when “Blue Thunder” came out. But I’ve never been inclined to fly my plane down through the LA river or land it in front of an incoming freight train.

    I’m hoping other people will see this new movie, see how fun and exciting it is to fly planes, and then decide to get involved in “legal” flight activities.

  16. N. Olson Says:

    Yes, I will see the movie. If you read the kid’s story you’ll see the way he was raised, see that he was afraid a lot of the time, and was misguided in a very large way. The kid has potential if he serves his time and comes out the other side with dedication to a lawful life. To fly planes and never have any official training? That’s amazing.

    Also, he’s not making money off the deal. The money goes straight to the victims of his crimes. Worth it to see the movie, imho.

  17. Stuart C. Ashley Says:

    As a resident of the Pacific Northwest and a person who is trying to complete his own homebuilt aircraft, I look with disapproval at the attempts to romanticize “The Barefoot Bandit”. He has been compared to Robinhood. Well, Robinhood “stole from the rich and gave to the poor”, so the story goes. Harris-Moore stole from nearly everyone and gave to no one. He damaged or destroyed several airplanes, apparently for self-gratification. I don’t think the movie should be made. If made, I don’t think Harris-Moore should profit from it. And I think his quick trial and conviction should be made widely known, so imitators are discouraged.

  18. Mo Kidney Says:

    Jill, you left out a very important point I believe specifically to inflame readers. All proceeds are going to pay restitution for his crimes. If the movie is well reviewed I have no problem spending a few dollars to enjoy a movie knowing the proceeds largely go back into the flying community. If your tagline reads “blogger” feel free to write what you want. When it says “associate editor”, I’d request you fill in the bigger picture a little better.

  19. Mark Ceccarelli Says:

    I would see this movie in a heartbeat! This kid is from my own backyard and I would really like to know what the backstory was and how he managed to elude the authorities as long as he did. It’s also the only way those injured by his transgressions will ever get any kind of compensation for their losses.

  20. Joe Imilkowski Says:

    I’d go see it to learn what security changes might be called for. Also, it will generate funds to compensate victims.

  21. Otto Bischoff Says:

    No, I really think it will lead to “copycats” and we’ll have kids stealing planes left and right? No way!
    After that there will be more regulations restricting our freedom in the name of security, besides additional costs to us aircraft owners.

  22. ryan Says:

    sure why not… at least it is not reality TV…

  23. Jeff Pierce Says:

    NO WAY!!!

  24. Bill Strawn Says:


  25. Mickey Gelinas Says:

    No Thank’s, we should not make hero’s out of losers,that could care less about any one but themselves

  26. Felix R. Zeloski Says:

    No. He shouldn”t glorified and it would give other people ideas.

  27. ROSS HOCKER Says:

    if he steals my airplane. he ain’t gona have any feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. The Says:

    Absolutely!! I look forward to seeing it. I seriously doubt this movie coming out will inspire kids to steal planes, that’s preposterous. If anything, it will spark the flame of interest in flight all together by doing exactly what people don’t like about this story; romanticizing the Bare-foot Bandit story. The kid obviously had major skill to do what he did without the kind of training we all have. I see kids getting more interested in flight by it but not necessarily interested in stealing airplanes. What ever works.

  29. Mark C Says:

    I don’t go to movies, but I don’t object to this. I’d hope the movie would show what a whack-job his mother is (father must be absent, never heard a word about him), and how completely amoral Colton is. In any case, the proceeds will go to victim compensation, which is good. In the best possible world, he’d get a big pile of money (paid to his victims and to cover the costs of his pursuit and conviction), and no one would go see the movie because their values speak against it.

  30. PaoloGrassi Says:

    Of course I would watch it, with all the “crap” on TV these days I have no problems watching the story of a troubled but gifted kid who tought himself how to fly and went far (though illegally). May be people will get more appreciative of the benefits of education and caring for these among us who have issues. I think this can be a very educative movie, though since he didn’t kill a dozen other people with an AK47 while exercising his right to bear arms may make the movie less successful at the box office!

  31. Jill Tallman Says:

    Mo: I didn’t specifically mention that the money Harris-Moore receives will go toward restitution because the article I linked to didn’t mention that. It’s my hope that the victims will receive restitution. Still not going to see the film. — Jill

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