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Trump forced to tighten belt

August 22, 2011 by Alton K. Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

Here’s proof of the seriousness of the present economic downturn. Donald Trump of “The Donald” fame has been forced to buy a narrow-body Boeing 757 as his personal airplane, rather than a widebody. We all have to cut back–maybe not like the 13,000 aerospace workers sitting at home unemployed in Wichita–even if our name is Trump. At least the seatbelts are gold-plated–a small reminder of past glories. But sleeper seats? How exhausting!

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10 Responses to “Trump forced to tighten belt”

  1. SSMcDonald Says:

    NOT an intelligently written article!. The article reaks of personal antipathy. The 757 will operate in and out of many airports that a wide body cannot. The 757 is a longer range airplane than the widebodies that would be available. I suspect that Mr. Trump knows more about what his needs are than this author.
    SSMcDonald AOPA 344480 Captain EAL and former 757 pilot (among other airliners).

  2. Carl Stahl Says:

    As a former 757 Capt I think Mr. Trump is more knowledgable about aircraft than the reporter.

  3. Tom Says:

    Lighten up… I think Mr. Marsh was attempting to poke a little fun and make light of the current economic circumstances.

  4. Al Marsh Says:

    Whew! Thanks, Tom. That makes one vote for Al, and two against.

  5. Lou Rand Says:

    Think Al did a fine Job…Poor Donald I should have it so bad

  6. Cory Owens Says:

    Yes, not a well written article. Trump is Trump .like him or hate him.He’s the high roller of high rollers. When you read the article, think of the millions on Social Security. Not to forget that Trump has done a lot for charity. But wouldn’t a brand spanking new King Air do?

  7. David Nagel Says:

    This is what the rich do with their money. They purchase items that fill the requirements of their life and support the requirements of other lives with their money.

  8. Gregg Says:

    The Donald is a very savvy air ops guy. He purchased his first-cabin flying carpet 757-200 used from Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, who spared no expense in its original outfittings. Trump’s 727 — with hush kits and winglet mods — still cost less than a new G-IV and came with faster delivery. The 757 will well serve Trump’s business and/or political missions. As for Al Marsh stirring up the powder-puff landing dust with his tongue-in-cheek article, let’s just recognize that anyone who buys an airplane in this economy is a friend of aviation, especially when it keeps aviation workers gainfully employed in it support.

  9. Rich Says:

    Right on, David and Greg.

    I Dont begrudge the super wealthy their wealth. Trump has worked a lot harder than I and employs a lot more people than I. Have you ever gotten a job from a poort person? BTW… does Trump need a pilot for that thing?, ok how abut a baggage handler? :):)

  10. Buck Says:

    Trump is VERY aviation-savvy and the 757 is an outstanding choice because it can go practically anywhere. I’ve flown many transport-category jet aircraft and the 757 continues to impress me with its incredible performance. It certainly works to serve our nation’s top-five leaders and is the primary aircraft for the Vice President and SecState, who regularly travel the globe and many times in/out of smaller domestic/international airports … certainly well-suited for Mr. Trump as well.

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