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Bob Stangarone resigns from Cessna

August 13, 2011 by Alton K. Marsh, Senior Editor, AOPA Pilot

Saying he wants to stay ahead of change, “…to make things happen rather than wonder what happened,” Bob Stangarone has resigned as vice president of communications at Cessna Aircraft. Stangarone was, as “Aviation Week” noted today, popular with the media who cover Cessna for his straight, fast, and honest answers. He worked with fromer Cessna CEO Jack Pelton at Fairchild Dornier–who brought him to Cessna–and also worked with Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney, and Safire Aircraft. He maintains a home with his wife in Washington, D.C., and yesterday he returned from his Wichita commute for good. It is unlikely his talents will be idle long, as he plans the next step.

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2 Responses to “Bob Stangarone resigns from Cessna”

  1. esp Says:

    Cessna is going down the tubes with the new managment in place. Bad move, Textron: You are about to screw the pooch on this one and let the Chinese take over America’s small general aviaiton industry with their recent acquisition of Cirrus, which they WILL build out and use to stomp you into the ground.

  2. JBW Says:

    Cessna is so out of touch with general aviation. They will find a way to raise the price of new planes 10% per year no matter what. We need someone to address the high cost of general aviation aircraft, but it won’t come from Cessna. Over $300k for a new 172SP? No way sales are going up with prices like that.
    Cessna is killing General Aviation.

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