Headset Haiku

May 1, 2008 by Paul Richfield, Senior Editor

I’m putting together a headset buyer’s guide for AOPA Online, and have found the vast profusion of brands and models to be impressive, if a little overwhelming. As such, I will now express my headset-related feelings in the form of Haiku, a type of traditional Japanese poetry. Typically, Haiku have three lines. The first line usually contains five syllables, the second line seven, and the third line five again.

Flexible mic boom

Hand adjustable knurled knobs

Three-year warranty

10 Responses to “Headset Haiku”

  1. Dave Hirschman Says:

    OK, Paul, you asked for it:

    Head caught in vice grip,
    Controllers talk, but only static,
    Say again, Washington Center . . .

  2. JJ Greenway Says:

    “And so there I was”

    “On fire, out of gas and lost!”

    “Hey, was that for us?”

  3. Steve Ells Says:

    Headset pain; became a tech

    Barking knuckles to help them fly

    Now I fly with Lightspeed

  4. Ian Twombly Says:

    Active noise canceling
    No waves stereocilia
    Now this is flying

  5. JJ Greenway Says:

    Ever seen a bird
    Flying with a headset on?
    Why do you need one?

  6. Jill Tallman Says:

    Good guys on TV

    usually wear Dave Clarks

    I look good in green

  7. Lin Caywood Says:

    My ticket was wet
    When I bought my self a Bose
    Goes great with my plane

  8. Cory Emberson Says:

    Thousand bucks for this?
    What’s that rumbling noise I hear?
    Batteries are dead.

  9. Cory Emberson Says:

    Paul, this is too much fun.

    In-the-ear headsets
    No clamping or headaches – ha!
    Damn, my hair looks good.

  10. Brian Says:

    Training set is good
    Until the plane has more power
    Now need A N R

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