Powerful forces

April 21, 2008 by Paul Richfield, Senior Editor

Airports attract powerful forces and if you don’t believe me, consider this exchange that took place at the Wendy’s near the Frederick, MD airport this evening.

Me: “I’ll have a number six combo small please, with a Coke.”
Cashier: “That’ll be $6.04.”
Me: “Here you go.”
Cashier: “You know, when people order a number six combo medium, it always comes up $6.66–the Number of The Beast.”
Me: “Always?”
Cashier: “Yes. It really bothers some people. One lady begged me to charge her an extra penny just to change it.”
Me: “Did you do it?”
Cashier: “I said no–in my best Satanic voice”
Me: “Good man.”

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