Dave Hirschman

X-Wind landings: Just follow the stripe

April 17, 2008 by Dave Hirschman, Senior Editor

This sounds like heresy, but I’ll say it: Ignore the everlasting crab/slip debate.

Unless your aircraft has a particular limitation that demands one method or the other, it’s a fruitless discussion.

The key to successful crosswind landings is getting your mind outside the cockpit and away from mechanical ‘push this lever’ or ‘pull that one’ thinking.

Concentrate on holding the centerline during final approach, and immediately correct the slightest deviations on landing. As long as you’re continuously tracking the centerline, your hands and feet will naturally do the right things.

Don’t worry about style.

Just follow the stripe.


2 Responses to “X-Wind landings: Just follow the stripe”

  1. David T Says:

    But do you make quick jabs with your feet or hold constant pressure on them on short final? I seem to do OK on a crosswind landing (haven’t bent any metal on one yet) but feel that I am just a step too slow sometimes. Any other advice would be appreciated. DT

  2. Stephen Leonard Says:

    That’s great advice, Dave, no less than I would expect from a Waco and Stearman pilot like you. The same advice applies to aerobatics and inverted flight: instead of trying to remember confusing rules of thumb, point the airplane where you want it to go, and do what comes naturally.

    We miss you here in Atlanta, but it’s great to see you in AOPA Pilot.

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