Tom Haines

A state of transition

November 9, 2010 by Thomas B. Haines, Editor in Chief

Unless you regularly attend industry conventions, you may not have an appreciation for how much goes on behind the scenes and in advance to make them a success. Even after 25 years of going to aviation conventions, I am amazed seeing the transition from cavernous, empty exhibit hall to bustling center of commerce over the course of usually only a couple of days.

AOPA Aviation Summit is no different. Today the exhibit hall is abuzz with cranes, fork lifts, and workers hanging signs, lights, and displays; and laying carpet. Tomorrow the exhibitors arrive and with the help of hundreds of contract workers, they will set up 450 booth from small 10X10 displays to massive booths that seemingly need their own zip code.

Meanwhile, out at the Long Beach Airport, preparations are underway to position dozens of display aircraft and park hundreds of member airplanes. Look for our 2010 Fun to Fly Remos on site (and a very special announcement Friday morning on AOPA Live) and our 2011 Crossover Classic Cessna 182 with its macho TCM IO-550 engine.

The weather is terrific and is forecast to stay that way. I hope to see you at the show!

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  1. David Beatty Says:

    Anyone from USAF UPT 71-07 (Laredo) or Braniff Int’l (1978class) at the LGB AOPA summit? Call me at 802-760-9501. Here til Sunday.

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