You can’t get out of there for here

October 4, 2010 by Mike Collins

Ever tried to get out of Teterboro, New Jersey–or anywhere else–on a busy weekday afternoon, when you’re likely to be issued an estimated start engines time?

Business-jet pilot Mike Wagner has. The talented musician has used some of that wait time to write a song and produce a video, which can be seen on YouTube, in which he parodies the Beach Boys’ classic “Kokomo” with lyrics like these:

“Ooo, I wanna get you out of Teterboro
We wanna leave
But they won’t let us go
Just heard on the radio
We’re stuck in Teterboro.”

If you’re a pilot who’s ever had to wait anywhere, this 3:44 video should be guaranteed to make you laugh.

The video can be seen in high definition on Facebook (Facebook login required).

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