Common questions

April 11, 2008 by Mike Collins

Some of the questions about AOPA’s sweepstakes airplane are the same from year to year, regardless of the make and model in question. Associate Editor Ian Twombly (shown hard at work in photo), who is documenting this year’s Get Your Glass Sweepstakes project for AOPA Pilot and AOPA Online, is the target for many of these questions–but all the AOPA Pilot’s editors attending shows like Sun ‘n Fun get their share.

Those most frequently asked are:

* When are you going to deliver my airplane? (Answer: If you’re the lucky winner, sometime early next year.)

* What year is the airplane? (Answer: It’s a 1976 Piper Archer.)

* Who did the paint and interior? (Answer: Oxford Aviation in Oxford, Maine.)

* I want to know more about Aspen Avionics–what’s their booth number? (Answer: D-16 and D-17.)

* What’s left to finish on the airplane? (Answer: Some final avionics work, including installation of the S-Tec System Fifty-Five X autopilot and the flat metal instrument panel itself.)

* When are you going to deliver my airplane? (This is by far the most often asked question over the history of AOPA’s aircraft sweepstakes.)


4 Responses to “Common questions”

  1. Pat Kelly Says:

    When are you, really, going to deliver MY airplane?

  2. Mike Sundstrom Says:

    I hope the WX is nice at KDTO when you deliver my airplane to me Ian.


  3. Ian Twombly Says:

    Texas in the winter? Sounds good to me.

  4. Matthew Chauvin Says:


    I am looking into the purchase of a 1974 177RG.
    I am familiar with fixed pitch and variable pitch props. However, the 177 I am looking at has a constant speed 3 blade. What are the advantages or dis-advantages from a 3 balde constant to a 2 blade fixed. ??
    This will be my first pruchase of an airplane !

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