SMA celebrates 10 years; looks to the future

April 11, 2008 by Steven W. Ells, Associate Editor

Societe de Motorisations Aeronautiques (SMA) celebrated a decade of diesel- fueled engine development at Sun ‘n Fun today. CEO and President Luc Pelon said that 42 of the SR305-230 engines are now in service around the world.

“We don’t want to go too fast at SMA,” declared Pelon. Pelon also said that SMA is in the process of developing a firewall-forward engine installation package for installation of the 230-horsepower engine in a new-generation post-GARA Cessna 182T in hopes that Cessna Aircraft will offer the engine package as an option from the factory.

SMA is not planning to undertake the development of additional engine installation STCs but the company is assisting a modifier in developing STC packages for the SR305-230 engine in a Piper PA 28 Dakota. Pelon also said that SMA is assisting Aviat in the development of an engine package for itsHusky line of aircraft.

Pelon said the recent increase in fuel costs should make the SMA engine, which is turbocharged and burns around 8 gallons an hour at normal cruise power settings, a viable choice for U.S. buyers.

SMA also said that it had changed the name of its engine control unit to SECUR, for synchronized electronic control unit redundancy, in an effort to distance itself from the other Jet-A fueled reciprocating aircraft engines on the market.

Further testing is underway to expand the temperature operating range of the engine, and to increase durability.

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