Forward Vision teams with Maule Air for $21K enhanced vision option

April 11, 2008 by Steven W. Ells, Associate Editor

Maule Air of Moultrie, Georgia, has added the enhanced vision system of Forward Vision of Russell, Pennsylvania, to the options list in its line of utility category airplanes. Enhanced vision permits pilots to “see” through visual obstructions such as haze, darkness, and clouds.

“The pilots who really need this technology are the ones who fly low and slow and close to the ground,” said Forward Vision President Patrick Farrell.

The Forward Vision system consists of a long wave infra red (LWIR) sensor mounted in an aerodynamic shell that measures 3.7 inches by 8.6 inches. Weight is 1.2 lbs.

The “images” from the sensor can be displayed on a standalone display such as VistaNav’s portable MFDs or the Flight Display “Flipper” display unit. Farrell said that many of the MFD manufacturers are adding what he called pixel real estate capacity to display the images on their units.

Brent Maule, marketing manager of Maule Air, said the Forward Vision option cost is $21,900. Farrell said that his company is working aggressively with One Sky Aviation of Anchorage, Alaska, on an STC program and said the STCed systems would be in the same price range as Maule’s optional package.

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