Only two tries?

May 26, 2010 by Mike Collins

Tossing a basketball out of the backseat of a Super Cub–in flight–and having it go right through the hoop? That’s the latest feat accomplished by Dude Perfect, six college roommates from Texas with a history of slick trick shots. Their Cub caper is part of a series of commercials for GMC Trucks.

What may be even more incredible than the shot itself is their claim that it was made on the second try. Are they pulling our tiedown chains? There’s no real reason for them to do so; they’ve been quoted as saying they keep trying until they succeed. And in the background, the pilot appears to be performing a thorough preflight.

OK, I’ll give them the three-pointer. But I’ll bet it takes ’em more than two tries to learn how to land the Super Cub, even on a grass strip. (You can see more of their shots on the Dude Perfect website.)

2 Responses to “Only two tries?”

  1. Marc Says:

    I count six guys at the beginning of the video. When the cub is heading in for the shot, I count 5 guys and the sixth is shooting the ball. Someone from outside the six is piloting. I’d say the skill of the pilot makes the shot (as well as the landing on grass).

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I agree. We did this all the time in Flight Team – it’s called “Message Drop.” Only we weren’t allowed to fly below 200 ft. and had to use a container less than 2 ounces. A basketball at 50 ft. would be pretty easy and make our competition that much closer.

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