Julie Walker

Holding down the fort

April 9, 2008 by Julie Summers Walker, Managing Editor

Well, here I am, alone in the quiet offices at AOPA headquarters. All the editors have gone, gone to Sun ‘n Fun every one. Everyone except Associate Editor Jill Tallman and me. What, they don’t allow female editors at Sun ‘n Fun? Oh, yeah, Senior Editor Machteld Smith is there representing. You go, girl.

Actually I am Mistress of the Blog this week. It’s our inaugural foray into the medium, and as I have been reading–and editing (everyone needs an editor, you guys, which I guess begs the question about who is going to edit me…)–the entries, I am impressed. Sure, we have some of the top aviation writers in the country on staff, but who knew they could be so entertaining on the fly? Take Dave Hirschman’s observations in “Dave’s SNF Marketing Survey” and Al Marsh’s plea for the Dominican Republicans, “Someone, Anyone, Fly to the Dominican Republic.” Good stuff. And those of us at headquarters agree that Hirschman and Senior Editor Paul Richfield’s accounts of their individual trips to Lakeland (“The Easy Way vs. The Hard Way”) truly capture the value, convenience, and joy of general aviation compared to the dreaded “airlines.”

Have fun, dear editors. We are here, taking care of business. But I’m wearing my jeans and sneakers to the office tomorrow. It’s my passive-aggressive form of protest–who wouldn’t rather be in Florida in April at a great airshow?


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  1. Paul Richfield Says:

    Thanks Julie. Since we’re all so new to blogging, it’s hard to know how “entertaining” we should be. We’ve all played it fairly conservative but I’m ready to lower the bar any time!

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