The Great Arctic Air Adventure Archive

The ethereal Arctic

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

The team arrived in Resolute on Aug. 19 after a five-hour flight from Cambridge Bay. Along the way they saw beluga whales and some otherworldly scenery. They are now stuck on the ground with freezing temperatures and snow showers. The next stop is Eureka before they reach the North Pole. The problem is that heavy pack ice is choking the bay where the team’s fuel barrels are located on the beach. In the meantime, the teams plans to have some some polar bear fun.

How to handle fuel in the bush

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Watch the GAAA crew go through the Gong Show antics of filling a de Havilland Beaver from 55-gallon fuel drums. They get help from a crew of boisterous Inuit boys. Because no avgas is available on portions of the trip, the team had shipped drums of fuel on Canadian icebreakers and cached them in strategic spots.