New twin to enter development » Phil McCoy with twin details

Phil McCoy with twin details

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  1. Bill Straw Says:

    It looks like an interesting plane! But I think the performance numbers are meant to be “km/mph” not ‘knots’ as the conversion is ‘bass-ackwards’…

  2. David Adams Says:

    120 knots/138 MPH – the conversion is right – and there is no such speed as “kilometers per mile per hour”. As anyone who flies, or has flown, the Gruman family of aircraft will recognize, McCoy’s airplane is a twin conversion of a Grumman single. The numbers for the size, and price, seem to look like an AA-1C was used, although based on the fuel capacity maybe an AA-5 or AA-5A. Unless he is going to buy old airframes to convert (a la the Twin Bee), he might have issuse with whome ever currently holds the Type Certificate. It might be easier to put the AA-7 back into production. The AA-7 was an ecomonical twin. Too bad it didn’t sell.

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