Taking advantage of technology

October 29, 2011 by Craig Fuller

The weather around FDK, the blue dot on the map, kept me on the ground Saturday.


I was looking forward to spending Saturday in Greenville, South Carolina, at the Southeast Aviation Conference. Unfortunately, the weather had something different in mind.

Snow, ice, and gusty winds in Frederick kept me and N4GA on the ground. But the innovative folks at the South Carolina Aviation Association, which sponsored the event, hooked up their Skype system and gave me the opportunity to make a “virtual” trip to the show.

Of course, I would much rather have been there in person, but I was impressed by how quickly and effectively the folks at SCAA pulled it all together on very short notice. I was able to give attendees an update on the big issues of the day as well as AOPA’s key initiatives. I even had the opportunity to answer audience questions. Not bad, under the circumstances!

This was one day when I was on the ground, and wishing I was in the air. But the old cliché is true—better to be on the ground and wishing I was in the air, than to be in the air and wishing I was on the ground.

  • Kenneth Johnson

    Mr. Fuller: I appreciate the great example of ADM you gave to pilots everywhere with this decision. As a native of SC, I wish you could have been in Greenville, but clearly it would have been a mistake. I am sure this was not a decision you wanted to make. Qthank you for all of your great work.