Harrison Ford speaks to Senate GA Caucus

October 18, 2011 by Craig Fuller

I spend a lot of time in Washington, D.C., but not every trip to the Hill is so enjoyable as the one I made today with actor, pilot, and GA advocate Harrison Ford. Harrison was in town to speak to the 36 members of the Senate GA Caucus. He talked about the importance of general aviation to himself and to thousands of others, and the senators listened closely. He also thanked the caucus members for their stalwart support of GA. Each of the 11 attending senators spoke highly of general aviation and the unique characteristics that make GA flying so important and valuable to the nation. 

Sen. Johanns (left) and Sen. Begich (right), co-chairs of the Senate GA Caucus, are joined by Harrison Ford for a conversation about the value of general aviation.

Wherever he goes, Harrison wins attention and support for general aviation, making him one of our most effective advocates. He has given freely of his time and talent to protect our freedom to fly through the GA Serves America campaign and in countless other ways. His generosity and dedication are without equal, and I, for one, am grateful for his support.

  • Mike

    This is fantastic. How do we fix AOPA and this website to allow us to repost great articles like this to our facebook accounts??

  • Steve

    I have always liked how he presents himself as just another guy who happened to be blessed to do what he loves. When I listen to him speak on the subject of aviation it’s very apparent he treasures the ability to fly and we are lucky to have a representative who can present our very particular situation in such a positive light.

    Harrison, if you are ever in central Florida I would welcome the opportunity to buy you lunch one day.

  • Deb Dreyfuss

    Harrison Ford is a wonderful friend for aviation to have as its voice. He was truly eloquent at dinner last night – hope to see him again real soon!

  • Rick

    We are all quite fortunate to have Harrison as an advocate for aviation. For someone with so much fame and succes, he still represents the values of the GA community; Freedom, Respect, Responsibility and Community. With so many celeberties completely out of touch with reality, Harrison remains a great role model.

    Thank you Harrison and Craig for representing me, “Average Joe the Pilot” in Washington DC. I don’t have thousands of hours or many ratings but I will continue to fight along side you for our right to fly.

    Thank you

  • Joel Godston

    GREAT…….maybe the decision maker’s will listen…really listen so they understand what GENERAL AVIATION does for the economy, Country, and World. I graduated from RPI in 1955…spent 3 years in the Air Force getting my pilots wings and flying B-47’s…then about 4years in the Mass ANG flying F-86H’s etc; and now after about 30 years flying our Cessna 182 in retirement from Pratt & Whitney