Joining Heaven’s Landing (GE99) for a 10th Anniversary Celebration

October 2, 2011 by Craig Fuller

During the past three years, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Mike and Holly Ciochetti and learn about Heaven’s Landing. Mike’s vision along with Holly’s caring touch have created a unique and beautiful mountain estate airpark in Northeast Georgia. When I learned they were celebrating a 10th anniversary for the airpark, I decided to drop by for lunch in the AOPA Caravan.

N394GA, AOPA's Caravan touching down at Heaven's Landing

Taxing to the ramp with hangars and the club house.

Thanks to Heaven’s Landing own photographer, Jan Nash, the visit was captured in pictures unlike any I usually see. Jan sent a set of photographs and granted me the right to share her fine work. As I reviewed them I couldn’t help but think of how important it is to protect our freedom to fly! I hope you enjoy the collection.

Heaven’s Landing has unique two-story hangars available for residents. The Club House sits up on a hill with a great view of the whole airpark.

Mike and Holly show me the buffet line.

Visiting at lunch

Mike Ciochetti describes how he found this beautiful site when some of his cattle wandered onto the property….he discovered a location where he has developed homesites along with the airport. The Club House is about two years old.

View from the Club House

The hospitality was sensational…so was the Southern pulled pork and chicken!

We had a very relaxing afternoon. Following lunch I had a chance to address all of those in attendance.

The folks at this fine community not only appreciate the importance of protecting our freedom to fly, they live it every day!

After lunch and a tour, it was time to head back to Frederick. Temperature had turned cold and I wanted to return before the weather came through. As it turned out, Washington Center put me right into the icing altitude….thank goodness for TKS!

It was tough to leave….but, departing this beautiful place was also a wonderful experience as the hills surrounding Heaven’s Landing slipped beneath the Caravan.

The Caravan climbed to a comfortable 15,000 feet on the way home to stay above the weather. While climbing out over the Northeast Georgian hills, I promised myself I would return in the not too distant future.

If you want to learn more about Heaven’s Landing, you will find their site loaded with interesting information….just CLICK HERE.

Lifting off GE99

Heading home

  • John McKenna

    Nice to see AOPA involved and interested at so many levels.

  • Dean

    In the photo of the Caravan parked in front of the hangers there’s some strange silver machine on a trailer by the fuel pumps. Is that a boat or some kind of crazy Russian ground effect vehicle?

  • Capt. Errol Stewart

    This is truly an inspiration for young aviators to aspire to
    Congratulations and may you continue to showcase the
    joy of flying and general aviation what life is like living
    with your aircraft.

  • Chris Phillips


    Why are you going to Heaven’s Landing? There is nothing there. We spent two months looking at air parks in the south and HL is just a dream. Sure, it has a few condo hangars, but a community – no. Count the number of homes. How many based airplanes? It is in the middle of nowhere with no access to anything.

    After two months, 100 air parks (God rest you Dave Sclair) and 150 homes, we settled in Mallard’s Landing, GA. A community – 85 homes. 200 airplanes and welcomes that you can’t believe. Grocery store 5 minutes away. Atlanta Braves 30 minutes. I-75, two miles. Golf course – 3 minutes. Heaven’s Landing, by a different name.

    Sorry to be so blunt, but after 26 years in this organization and after 45 years of flying, I think that I have the right to speak out!!

    Craig – I will do what ever it takes to further the goals of our organization. If you ever need to call on me, please do. I live summers in AK and the rest of the year in GA and elsewhere, but always connected with aviation. Flew 3 YEs Saturday, flying to an air show at Peachtree City today.

  • Mike CIochetti

    Chris: Why can’t we all just get along? There are numerous fly in communities around the country and we all seek to promote the lifestyle. Heaven’s Landing’s is relatively new to the market (10yrs) especially when compared to Mallard’s Landing (30yrs+). Contrary to your comment that Heaven’s Landing is in the middle of nowhere, Heaven’s Landing is only 3.5 Miles from downtown Clayton, Ga and 3 miles from Lake Burton, the top rated lake in the state. You can drink the water from this lake! Heaven’s Landing has a GPS approach, a paved concrete runway, a 3 million dollar community clubhouse, and is in a county (Rabun) that Rand McNally independently rated the second best place to live in the U.S. based on quality of life and cost of living. Where does Henry County rate? We have numerous homes under construction, even in the current market, and we are up and coming with over 157 sales to date. Granted, Heaven’s Landing is not for everyone. But then again not everyone wants to live at Mallard’s Landing it’s grass runway and lack of an instrument approach either. Jim Frank has his home at Mallard’s for sale, and has already purchased at Heaven’s Landing with plans to build soon, as has Bill Martin. Ask them what they think of the two places comparatively. Urban sprawl or rural tranquility? That is the difference, and that is the question to ask yourself. We encourage everyone to shop around when searching for this unique lifestyle.

  • Tom Nasser

    I agree with Mike. I don’t know why anybody would say anything negative about this place. I suspect there is some jealousy and I’m tempted to say something rude about his comments but I choose not to go there. There are a lot of things to do in Clayton and the surrounding areas. Some of the nicest and most interesting people I’ve ever met live there and have bought lots there. I bought a lot last year and despite the poor economy I decided to build my dream log home with my wife. We just moved in this weekend and are extremely happy we chose this place. The view from our home is unbelievable. I believe in this place and trust the people who own and maintain it. My builder did an excellent job and there are a few others who are also building now. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I also like the over 5000 ft concrete runway with fuel. The hangars are first class and the clubhouse is great!!! They will also be putting an equestrian area for horse lovers. Even in this difficult economy people are choosing to spend their time and money to come here. I’m only 49 y.o. and too young to retire but this is the place I will end up living full time some day. There are a variety of people from all over the country and world coming here. I live in Indiana but will come down1-2 times a month to relax and have fun. You only live once and I’m living my American Dream!!! I could go on and on but come see for yourself and make your own decision. I will be having lot’s of parties and everyone is welcome. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!