User fees petition gains momentum

September 27, 2011 by Craig Fuller

Yesterday I told you about the great idea one of our members in Iowa had. He filed a petition asking the White House to take aviation user fees off the table. His effort is gaining momentum with almost 2,500 signatures at my last check. He’s halfway there–it takes 5,000 signatures before White House senior officials will consider the petition. I encourage you to read it and sign on. Let’s show our elected officials that general aviation matters and we’re willing to take action to protect our freedom to fly.

  • Maverick

    Thanks for posting! Should hit 5000 in no time!

  • Kevin Mossey


    Thanks so much for getting the AOPA behind this. I’m extremely excited to see the support being generated by my fellow pilots.

    A special thanks to all the pilots who have signed up on this, too! Without you guys, this wouldn’t be possible.

    Over 3,000! Keep ’em coming!



    5934 signatures so far, keep on signing!