A Remarkable Fly-In

July 9, 2011 by Craig Fuller

Every other year, Congressman Sam Graves (R-MO) organizes the Wing Nuts Flying Circus at the Gould Peterson Municipal Airport in Tarkio, Missouri.  The event is a gathering of hundreds of enthusiastic aviators.  It all started yesterday (Friday) with a barbecue dinner and then the real action began this morning with a pancake breakfast and an airshow.  In between, Congressman Graves moderated a Town Hall gathering where the general aviation association presidents  provided a wide ranging briefing on issues we face in Washington.

This was my second opportunity to participate in a weekend of activities in Tarkio.  This year, we flew a group into Tarkio on the AOPA Cessna Caravan.  We received professional handling by the AirBoss and a friendly greeting by the line crew who were handling an interesting stream of arriving aircraft.

All of us in general aviation are fortunate to have someone in Congress who serves his constituents while at the same time co-chairing the General Aviation Caucus in the House of Representatives.  And, that’s what he does in Washington!  This weekend, he shared his passion for aviation with the hundreds who made their way to Tarkio, Missouri.  It was great to be part of the festivities!

  • Jeff Widgren

    This was the first year I attended this event. A friend and I flew up from KOJC (Olathe, KS) and couldn’t have had a more enjoyable time. Great food, friendly people, large turn-out, and a fantastic air show! This an event we’ll be back for.