Celebrate Our Freedom to Fly on the Fourth of July

July 1, 2011 by Craig Fuller

I hope all our AOPA members and fellow aviation enthusiasts enjoy some aspect of flying on this Fourth of July weekend.

If you need encouragement, I hope you find it in this remarkable photography by our good friends at PILOT GETAWAYS.  George Kounis shot the picture while brother John Kounis flew the aircraft.  And, their spectacular “target” was a beautiful Aviat Husky A 1-C flown by another good friend, Stu Horn.  I was among those fortunate enough to be on the ground at Ryan Field and shot a picture of these fine aviators at work.

We all found ourselves in one of the most enchanted airstrips around, Ryan Field.  The airstrip, built by Ben and Butchie Ryan next to their home, sits at the entrance to Glacier National Park and it is, as you can see, nothing short of a national treasure.  The fact that we can fly there is due to the tireless efforts of the Recreational Aviation Foundation.  It was their annual fly in at Ryan field that brought us together.

In whatever way you can, celebrate our freedom to fly and enjoy the company of great friends and fellow aviators this weekend.

To one and all, a safe and happy Fourth of July.

  • David Ovad

    Makes we want to sell the Bonanza for a taildragger…

  • http://www.theraf.org john mckenna

    The Bonanza is a great backcountry plane, we’d love to see you there in it next year. However, there is no good reason to not have a Husky parked next to it. A high wing and a low wing fit well in the hangar next to one another.
    Glad Craig Fuller had a good time. That, after all is what flying is all about. All should come see Ryan Field. As Craig says “A True Treasure”
    John McKenna
    President RAF

  • Jack Chmielewski

    I am an envious brazilian of the freedom you have to fly anywhere in the States. As commercial aviation started in Brasil in the twenties, airline companies would land almost anywhere mostly on beaches, so we passed a law saying it is forbbiden and one should land only on airports.
    Almost a hundred years have passed We have fine airports but the law is still there.
    I will join RAF to learn what I can do about changing this situation

    Jack R.