AOPA’s newest member

March 29, 2011 by Craig Fuller


Craig Fuller and Robert Goyer

Flying magazine Editor-in-Chief Robert Goyer becomes AOPA's newest member at Sun 'n Fun.

AOPA really does have something to offer every pilot. That’s what Flying magazine Editor-in-Chief Robert Goyer discovered today as we visited at Sun ‘N Fun. Before the end of our meeting, he joined me at AOPA’s Membership Information Center in the AOPA tent to become AOPA’s newest member. He even signed up for automatic annual renewal–a great way to get extra chances to win this year’s Crossover Classic Sweepstakes, a versatile Cessna 182 with all the trimmings.If you’re at Sun ‘n Fun be sure to come by the AOPA tent. Not only can you join or renew your membership, meet with our partners, and learn more about how AOPA can make your flying easier and more enjoyable, you can also go for a “flight” in the full-motion Redbird simulator. Looks like fun!

Redbird simulator at AOPA tent

Members line up to take flight in the full-motion Redbird simulator at the AOPA tent.

  • Christian Melendez

    Under Craig Fuller watch, the US Congress was able to pass the single most flight-training-killing piece of legislation in history. Im sure members are flocking away as not only this was allowed by AOPA current leaders but to add insult to injury the anual fee was raised to $45.

    Only an aviation low-weight would allow such things to happen, either that or you Mr. Fuller are on-purpose pushing for becoming a pilot to be something for the elites like in Europe. As I deem you to be a true Washington insider, Im really worried about what moves you and as a standing member of AOPA, formally demand an explanation.

    Phil Boyer would have never allow such a disgrace. On which side are you Mr. Fuller?

    Christian F. Melendez
    BA Air Transport Administration
    FAA & DGAC Private Pilot Since 1994
    AOPA Member since 2003