Training, Experience and Extraordinary Piloting

January 16, 2009 by Craig Fuller
Capt. C.B. Sullenberger

All of us at AOPA salute and praise the extraordinary performance by Captain Sullenberger and his crew in making an emergency landing in the Hudson River.

All who pilot aircraft train and prepare for incidents that rarely occur. Captain Sullenberger and the US Airways crew demonstrate how important training, experience and judgement are in dealing with emergencies regardless of the size or complexity of the aircraft we fly.

There will be more to learn and hopefully much to hear from the crew. For now, we simply congratulate the Captain and crew for their heroic performance.

6 Responses to “Training, Experience and Extraordinary Piloting”

  1. GP Anderson Says:

    As soon as I heard this on the TV, my thoughts went out to the Captain and his crew! Outstanding, simply a amazing job. Take a week off, don’t let the hype set in and get back in the air! Godspeed to you and your crew. Cordially, GP Anderson

  2. William Roselle Says:

    Would like to hear mor about how the Captain proceeded with the emergency landing on the Hudson.

  3. willi3e russell Says:

    Well done! It must have required great determination to put it down on the freezing Hudson river. Once in a while superior judgment must be supported by superior skills.

  4. George Schmidt Says:

    And we all thank the good Lord that no watercraft were in the path of the aircraft. Kudos to the pilot for a textbook perfoect ditching.

  5. Bill Tharp Says:

    Sullenberger did an excellent job…. but he wasn’t in the cockpit alone. I wonder why we haven’t heard anything about the co-pilot?

  6. Ed Angel Says:

    Having experienced a complete engine failure in flight and a real “dead stick” landing, the acomplishments of the Captain and the entire flight crew from such a low altitude was absolutely amazing and representes great airmanship and a superior skill level.

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