A different kind of benefit

December 21, 2010 by Craig Fuller

Everyone who flies for business must keep returning to the value equation—how much does using general aviation aircraft save us time or money, increase our efficiency or reach, or generate new opportunities. But this time of year it’s also nice to remember that the general aviation community can, and does, do a lot of good in the world.

As Harrison Ford reminded us last week when he received the Wright Trophy, America’s general aviation community is filled with good and generous people who give of their time and freedom to fly in the service of others.

In just the past few weeks AOPA and our aircraft have been part of an airlift of toys to children on an isolated island off the coast of Maryland and welcomed Santa as he traveled across the country to bring Christmas cheer to wounded troops. Earlier in the year, we participated in the Citation Special Olympics Airlift to take athletes and their families to and from the games. And throughout the year we’ve heard heartwarming stories from AOPA members who use the same aircraft they fly for business or pleasure to perform humanitarian relief missions of all types—everything from medical flights to disaster relief.

General aviation flying, whether for business or pleasure, has unique capabilities that aren’t found in any other type of transportation. Those same capabilities that make GA such a worthwhile tool for our business transportation needs also make it especially valuable when it comes to serving others. And that’s part of the value equation, too.