International Learn to Fly Day

May 15, 2010 by Craig Fuller
The Cessna Caravan drew a crowd at the International Learn to Fly Day gathering at Sporty's.

The Cessna Caravan drew a crowd at the International Learn to Fly Day gathering at Sporty

I can’t imagine a better way to spend a beautiful Saturday than taking to the air to enjoy a general aviation flight. Today, for International Learn to Fly Day, I got to do just that and bring along some friends to enjoy the GA experience.

This morning five of us climbed into the Cessna Caravan and headed west to Sporty’s headquarters in Batavia, Ohio. It was a thrill to be present as a lucky Sporty’s customer from Yuma, Arizona, was selected as the winner of the Sporty’s SkyCatcher sweepstakes.

While there I had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends and colleagues, including past AOPA president Phil Boyer, and enjoy Sporty’s founder Hal Shevers’ legendary hospitality as we ate grilled bratwurst and indulged in a little hangar flying—a Saturday tradition at Sporty’s.

This afternoon, I’m headed back to AOPA’s Frederick, Maryland, headquarters where we are hosting our own International Learn to Fly Day event. (You can read the news story about our event on AOPA Online.)

I hope you, too, are out sharing the joys of flying on this special day. Of course, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to share the fun and excitement of general aviation with friends. I encourage you to get engaged with general aviation every day!

  • David Reinhart

    We had a really fine event at Fitchburg. About 450 people came through the gate and about 25 signed up for Discovery Flights. We had a really great range of aircraft, including the Terrafugia “roadable airplane”. The rest ran the gamut from a J3 to a Lear 45. You can see pictures at the Website link.