New Message on User Fees: They’ll Be Dead on Arrival

October 10, 2009 by Craig Fuller

There is a remarkable new development occurring around the anticipated aviation User Fee promised by the Obama Administration in next year’s budget proposal.  Leaders in Congress were reported last week to be circulating a letter to The President suggesting the $9 billion User Fee proposal is not wanted nor warranted and would be rejected by Capitol Hill if it is contained within the budget  (SEE STORY).

Even though the Administration’s budget is months away from being sent to Congress next February or March, leaders in Congress know that budget deliberations are underway inside the Administration.  While support for User Fees has long existed inside the Office of Management and Budget, we have reason to believe that others in the Administration have serious reservations wanting instead to focus on the important mission of modernizing our air traffic control system and other priorities.  Looks like there is now a clear signal emerging among key Members of Congress.

Our view: this could not come at a better time!

We will have more to say once the letter with what we understand will be many signatures from a bipartisan group Congressmen is sent to the White House.