AOPA Turns Seventy Years Strong!

May 15, 2009 by Craig Fuller

It was seventy years ago at Wings Field in Pennsylvania that an inspired group of aviators formed an organization to protect and promote general aviation.  I think they would be proud of those who have shared their dream and built the AOPA of today. 

We are pausing this morning to celebrate what we are referring to simply as AOPA SevenZero.

To take us back a few decades, the display featured here was awaiting us outside the doors of our headquarters at the Frederick Airport in Maryland.

Happy 70th Anniversary!

  • Jonathan Baron

    I’m having a sense of deja vu here. Wasn’t there some major anniversary for AOPA last year…50 years of the magazine or some-such? I recall seeing a lot of history, reflection, and self congratulation then too.

    If this is a conscious communication strategy to emphasize AOPA’s gravitas and credibility to people outside the GA community that’s fine. That’s important, especially now. If not then it’s excessive backslapping and gives the wrong message.

    AOPA is not about itself. It’s a service organization. It’s about serving General Aviation, representing it, promoting it, and correcting those myriad misconceptions people outside the pilot community have about GA. AOPA should not be pausing just now to sing the song of itself. Save that for Walt Whitman…or perhaps for year 75.