Open House at Georgetown, Delaware (KGED)

May 9, 2009 by Craig Fuller

After flying about 30 hours in the past eight days, I looked forward to a flight in my Bonanza to the beach late Friday afternoon.  I headed from Frederick, MD to Sussex County/Georgetown (KGED) – an airport that has become very familiar over the nearly 18 years we have been traveling to a home at a beach community in Delaware. 

On arrival, I picked up a crew car from the good folks at the FBO and learned from Delmarva Aviation’s Garrett Dernoga that they were sponsoring an open house and had encouraged Cirrus owners to fly in.  I checked to see if our Sweepstakes Cirrus SR22 was in the area and learned that PILOT’s Dave Hirschman welcomed the chance to fly over this morning for breakfast at the airport’s fine restaurant.

As things turned out, the Georgetown pilots group was meeting for breakfast and our fine airport support network (ASN) representative, Bob Young, was in attendance.  He invited me to speak….and, I invited the members to go take a look at the sweepstakes plane.

Dave and I along with our good friend Ray Gebhart spent the next few hours visiting with people who came to the airport by plane and by car.

After all the places I have been during the past 8 days, it was great to just spend some time at a local airport talking to friends who fly.  We are finding more opportunities to “fly out” from our base in Frederick….this was one day that just seemed to come together naturally….and, sometimes that’s the best way!

  • Ottis Cameron

    Our new AOPA pres is very much in the public eye and is doing an amazing job of being out here in the field with us pilots and aircraft owners- Great job Mr. Fuller
    The revelation of Obama’s sneeky back door, secret attack on GA per user fees is to be commended- This is the kind of leadership we need and can expect from the head of AOPA – None of the other alphabet groups seem to be aware of the scheme- we better wake them up –
    Mr. Fuller is is doing a fine job of setting an example and being out here with us- Please keep up the good work.
    After a 25 year lapse in my membership, I am glad that I rejoined recently and have a lot of confidence that AOPA will do tbe doing a better job of fulfilling the stated goals of the AOPA charter.