Time to remember

May 22, 2014 by Mark Baker

Long weekends, especially at this time of year, are to be cherished, and maybe especially for pilots. Much of the country has suffered one of the worst winters in memory, and everyone is itching to get out and feel the relative warmth of spring. If you live in the far north, long days mean many more daylight hours to enjoy. If you’re located further south, it’s time to soak up the sun.

I hope you will get out and fly this long weekend. If you’re not current, or haven’t yet begun to fly, why not use the extra time to take a step in that direction—sign up for a Rusty Pilot program, check out a local flight school, or book time with an instructor. The more we fly ourselves, and share our passion with others, the stronger our community becomes.

But above all, on this Memorial Day weekend, let’s take time to remember those who have fought and sacrificed for all of our uniquely American freedoms, including our cherished freedom to fly.